Product Marketing Solutions

marketingNew technologies and channels provide new means of connect for the marketers and the challenge for today’s marketers is to provide the right message at the right time through the right channel. The main challenges today is to maintain brand reliability, coordinating with multiple service providers, developing actionable insights that reflect a complete and accurate understanding of the customers and speed-to-market are clear challenges.

In a highly competitive business environment and rapidly changing customer behavior, organizations need optimized and integrated marketing processes, systems and innovative platforms that will deliver customer-centric interactions. Viveda’s out of the box thinking provides innovative product marketing solutions and strategies.

Today’s marketers face the following challenges:

  • Cycle time reduction for campaigns, product launches and content production
  • Enhance customer experiences to enable brand loyalty
  • Help the brand stay ahead of the competition
  • Manage global as well as local marketing campaigns efficiently
  • Demonstrate returns on marketing investments

Viveda’s Product Marketing Solutions aim to bridge marketing and IT, providing reality-based innovations—delivered in partnership with our customers’ marketing organization, use global best practices and deep domain expertise, thus enabling you to engage, measure and optimize interactions with target audiences across all the touch-points. The solutions allow you to tap evolving digital channels such as mobile and social media marketing.

Viveda’s endeavor is to enable increased responsiveness, improved turnaround times, enhanced ability to engage, measure and optimize interactions with customers by delivering connected digital brand experiences. Viveda is best placed to offer the right mix of skills required to innovate and significantly impact your customer interface.

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