Employability Training

trainingThe shortage of skilled workforce as per industry requirement is one of the prime concerns today. To add to that there is a significant employability gap currently. Taking this concern into consideration, Viveda recognizes that there is a strong need to make prospective employees aware about their strong skill sets and area of improvements. Viveda Consultancy provides Employability Test through which a candidate can get their skill gap analysis and it also helps organizations to hire the right candidate for the right job. Further to this, candidates can enhance their knowledge and employability skills through our comprehensive Training Courses that are conducted for various subjects of Information Technology along with practical exposure and other career development activities.

Viveda Consulting is a one stop shop that provides comprehensive education and training and create opportunities for people around the world.

The training courses and content are designed by the experienced industry experts keeping the current industry trends and requirement into consideration. The company is well equipped with robust infrastructure facilities and team of experienced trainers. The training is given by using best teaching methodologies along with interactive tools and techniques.

Viveda Consulting is driven by a vision which is to reduce the employability gap in the industry, thus improving everyone’s economic and social well-being.

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