Corporate Social Responsibility

csrWe believe in coexistence with the people around us and the nature that surrounds us. Not only we provide the best quality products and services in synchronization with our customer needs, but we also believe it is our vision “Enhance the experiences of life by creating an ecosystem of satisfied Customers, Employees and their Families” to conserve the global environment as well as conduct social contribution activities in a variety of fields to contribute to the realization of an enriched society.

We do not see CSR as a community responsibility but an individual responsibility. This attitude ensures high commitment, involvement and a greater degree of accountability. Viveda Consulting employees offer career guidance, coaching, mentoring and connecting the youth with employability opportunities available in the market.

As a fast growing corporation, Viveda has a corporate responsibility (CR) that lives up to each day by treating its employees, clients and environment responsibly. At Viveda, we also give back to the community by way of numerous activities and believe that it lies in our own interest to act responsibly and practice good corporate citizenship.

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